Spark Place

Spark Place is now OPEN as a part of the mini-library at the Xenia Community Library to serve patrons throughout its renovation. 

Makerspace Appointments

  • Anyone can make an appointment at Spark Place! You will need a library card to use the space. It's free to use our equipment but we do charge for the consumable materials.
  • Walk-in appointments may be available but are not guaranteed.
  • Appointments can be made up to four weeks in advance and are scheduled in two hour sessions.
  • There is a 15 minute grace period before appointments are released to others.
  • We will shut down computers and equipment when an appointment ends and at closing.

Have additional questions or ready to book your appointment? Call the Spark Place staff at 937-736-7092.

What’s a Makerspace?

A makerspace is where you’ll find tools and technology for community members to share as they invent, build, and create.

3D Printers

Our 3D printers build up thin layers of plastic to create real objects based on your digital models.

3D Scanners

Create a digital model of a real-world object with our 3D scanners.

Audio Recording & Editing

Produce your own music or spoken word audio recording with our professional equipment.

Button Maker

Turn designs on paper into metal-backed buttons, keychains, or magnets.

CNC Milling Machine

Etch or cut wood, foam, or soft metal using computer numerical control.

CNC Router

Cut and shape wood using computer numerical control.

Electronic Cutter

Cut shapes, pictures, and text out of a variety of materials.

Embroidery Machine

Stitch embellishments onto fabric using designs from digital files.

Hand Tools & Additional Supplies

Extra equipment and materials are available to help you complete your project in the makerspace.

Laptops & Software

Start or finish your makerspace project using the specialized design and editing software on our computers.

Laser Cutters & Engravers

Use a laser to cut out shapes, or to burn or etch a design into an object’s surface.


Create high-quality digital photos with our studio equipment.

Safety Gear

No special safety equipment is required when using Spark Place, but we do have protective gear available for your convenience and comfort.

Sewing Machine

When your project’s too large or complex to sew by hand, stitch fabric together at lightning speed with our sewing machine.

Soldering Stations

Join metal parts for repairs or new creations using our soldering irons.


Print your design onto sublimation paper, then use heat to transfer it to a t-shirt, mug, hat, or other specially-prepared object.

Video Recording & Editing

Produce high-quality digital video with our studio equipment.

Vinyl Printer & Cutter

Print large, full-color images onto vinyl or paper. Add cut lines and the same machine can cut out items such as stickers and window decals.
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