3D Scanners

Create a digital model of a real-world object with our 3D scanners.

A few of the things you can scan:

  • A friend’s head
  • A clay sculpture
  • A family heirloom

Equipment Details

What we’ve got:

File formats:

Scanners produce .OBJ, .STL, and .PLY files

Project size:

  • The Sense scanner can scan items that are 0.2 m × 0.2 m × 0.2 m up to 2 m × 2 m × 2 m. We recommended it for larger objects.
  • The Matter and Form scanner can scan items that weigh less than 6.5 pounds and are up to 25 cm tall and 18 cm in diameter. We recommend it for smaller, more detailed objects.

Related equipment:

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