Wireless Printing with Princh

Wireless Printing at Your Library

Princh is Greene County Public Library’s easy to use printing service. Wherever you are, you can upload, print, and pay for your prints - all through your computer or mobile device!

Printing from the Mobile App

Interactive Guides: Apple, opens a new window | Android, opens a new window

  1. Install the Princh app for iOS or Android
  2. Open your document and share it with the Princh app
  3. Select the printer by scanning the QR code and adjust your settings
  4. Pay using one of the available options

Printing from your computer or web

Interactive Guides: Computer, opens a new window | Mobile Web, opens a new window

  1. Visit print.princh.com, opens a new window or click one of the above location buttons
  2. Enter the printer ID for that library
  3. Upload your documents and adjust any print settings
  4. Pay using one of the available options


Princh Tutorial Videos

Printing from Mobile App

Printing from Your Computer

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