Get a Library Card

This is just the Beginning!

Are you ready to start your own story? There is so much to discover and enjoy when you get your free Greene County Public Library card. Apply in-person or online and you can have access to all seven community library locations including the makerspace Spark Place and The Greene County Room in Xenia.

With your new library card, you can have access to a vast catalog of books from our different community library locations. Enjoy our massive digital catalog that has over a million, ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, tv shows, movies, albums on your handheld devices.

Signing Up

Stop by any Greene County Public Library location to sign up for a library card.

You may also start the process online, but you will need to visit a library to get your full-service card.

If you don't live in Ohio, you may apply for a non-resident library card.

Please Note: Your temporary card allows you to request up to two (2) items for pick up from your local library. It does not include items from our digital catalog.

What to Bring

On your first visit to the library, bring a photo ID with your current address. If your photo ID doesn't show your current address, you will also need to bring a second document as proof of address.

  • Recent utility bill
  • Recent bank statement

Parents and guardians may show photo ID and proof of address on behalf of their minor children.

If you cannot show proof of address during your library visit, we will verify your address by mailing your new card to your home. If your library card is mailed, you will not be allowed to borrow more than 2 items until you bring the card back to the library.

Your New Library Card

Remember to bring your card with you when you visit the library.

At first, you will not be allowed to borrow more than 10 items at the same time using your new card. After 60 days, your card will have full borrowing privileges.

Learn more about rules for checking out library materials in our Borrowing Guide.

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