Borrowing Guide

You've got a library card—now what? How long can you borrow materials from the library's collection? What happens if you don't return them on time?

Start here to find quick answers to your questions. For more detailed information, please read our Public Policy Manual

Item Loan Period Renewals Late Fines
Adult Book 3 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Art Print 6 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $10 limit
Audiobook 3 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Children’s Book 3 weeks 10 None
DVD 1 week 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Express Book 1 week None 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Express DVD 2 days None 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Magazine 3 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Maker Kit 3 weeks 10 $5 daily; $30 limit
Music CD 3 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Outreach Item 6 weeks 10 None
Telescope 1 week None $5 daily; $30 limit
Teen/YA Book 3 weeks 10 None
Video Game 1 week 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
WiFi Hotspot 3 weeks 10 $1 daily; $10 limit
Roku 3 weeks None $1 daily; $10 limit
Pickleball Set 1 week 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Disc Golf Set 1 week 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Birdwatching Kit 3 weeks 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
Launchpad 1 week 10 10¢ daily; $5 limit
For interlibrary loan items, see the borrowing policies for SearchOhio, OhioLINK, and WorldCat.

Loan Periods

Each type of item you check out with your library card may be borrowed for a certain amount of time before you have to bring it back to us.

Most items have a loan period of either 1 or 3 weeks, but a few types of materials are loaned for a much shorter or longer time. Look at the table above and pay attention to the due date you're given at check out to know when your item should be back at the library.


If no one else is waiting to use an item you've checked out, you may be able to keep it longer. Before your borrowed item needs to be returned to the library, you can try to extend your loan with a renewal.

Many borrowed items are eligible to be automatically renewed by the library.

You can also manually renew items by visiting the library, accessing your online account, or calling (937) 374‑1396 if you know your library card number and PIN.

Please note that some items, including express materials and telescopes, are never eligible for renewal.

Late Fines

For most types of items, you'll be charged a fine if you do not return what you've borrowed to the library on time. Your total fine will increase each day you are late bringing back your item.

There is a limit to how much you'll be charged in late fines for each item, but if you still don't return a very late item we'll consider it lost.

Patrons Excused from Fines

The following library cardholders are not asked to pay most late fines:

  • Patrons who are 60 years of age and older
  • Holders of Golden Buckeye Cards
  • Active military and their family (spouse and dependents)
  • Homebound patrons served by Outreach Services

Everyone who uses the library must pay late fines on express materials and interlibrary loan items even if their card is "fine free" for the rest of our collection. All patrons must also pay charges for items they damage or lose. 

Lost or Damaged Materials

You won't be charged for normal wear and tear or for minor damage that doesn't change how useful an item is.

A full list of fees for each type of lost or heavily damaged library material is available in our Public Policy Manual.

Borrowing Limits

  • You may have up to 75 items checked out at one time with a regular, full-service library card.
  • If you're a teacher or educator, you may apply for a special library card with a higher check-out limit.
  • Once you have 20 or more items overdue at once, or over $4.99 in fines and fees on your account, you will be temporarily unable to borrow more materials from the library.
  • For a complete list of borrowing limits, see our Public Policy Manual.
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