Universal Summer Reading

Anyone of any age can get motivational boost for their reading at Yellow Springs Community Library this summer. Even though we believe that reading has plenty of intrinsic rewards, we are offering some great prizes just for reading. And be sure to check at the library to see additional prizes that are in play; the Yellow Springs Library Association usually provides some extra incentives for Yellow Springs readers.

Our theme for the summer is A Universe of Stories, so we have scheduled space-themed events for all on our summer calendar. Find them online, or pick up a list at the library.

Adults might want to Paint a Galaxy with Laura Norris, learn some basic coding and animation skills, or fold the pages of a book into a moon and stars sculpture.

Teens might enjoy decorating space cupcakes, creating star-spangled jewelry, building and launching a rocket, or tie-dyeing a T-shirt.

School-agers can take in space-themed edutainment with a space cowboy, a space-painter juggler, YS Science Castle, a balloon artist, galactic games, and much more.

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can participate in weekly playtimes or story times designed just for them.

Create your own event by borrowing our telescope for an evening of viewing the moon, stars and planets.

Whatever else you do, be sure to read. Turn off your screens and read. Read books, audiobooks, e-books—guess you’ll need a screen on for those—and magazines. Read anywhere, any time of the day or night. Read together, read on your own. Read old favorites and read books that you would not usually touch. Binge read, chapter after chapter, book after book.

Document your reading and come retrieve your prizes, by all means, but know that the best prize will be the “Universe of Stories” that you read and make a part of your world this summer.