February Gratitude in Yellow Springs

Last fall Yellow Springs Community Library’s teen group, led by Nacim Sajabi, created a paper chain and inscribed each link with something someone was thankful for. The chain, along with additional blank links and markers, was put out in the library so everyone could add to it.

Reminders like this to be grateful are standard In November, but in the middle of a cold, gray winter might be an even better time to notice what you appreciate. So we’re sharing the list from the chain links in hopes of prompting some feelings of gratitude in you, right now.

The gratitude links included immediate, right-in-front-of me things: light, my clothes, books, movies.

They included other physical things: TV, Legos and toys, goalie gloves, couches, houses, and pie—pumpkin pie in particular.

People showed gratitude for animals: my cat, dogs and cats, pets, animals generally, and “most animals.”

On a deeper level, people expressed gratitude for: having a good year, spirituality and religion, nine months sober, and second chances.

And most frequently, people mentioned community and family: being a mom, family, family, family, food and family, holidays, my three boys, friends, soccer, my school, and my library and librarians.

Your librarians are grateful for the teen group and for people of all ages who use the library to its fullest. You make our work meaningful, and frequently, downright fun. We are grateful for all of you!