Walking Around the Library

Doctors say that exercise is like a wonder drug, but how do you exercise when rain or ice makes it difficult to be outside? Come to Yellow Springs Community Library! Take a stroll around the perimeter inside the building. One circuit will be about 490 feet. Walk just 11 laps to make a mile.

And what a wondrous mile it is!

Some of our best stuff is tucked away in the corners, and if you’re in the habit of just grabbing your holds, using the self-check, and dashing out the door, you are missing something.

A walk around the edges will take you past music CDs and lots of boxed sets. You’ll see picture books on display, many of them with very interesting artwork. You’ll pass by the award books section and see some of the very best in children’s literature.

You can see the latest issues of magazines and take a look at the portrait of celebrated Yellow Springs author Virginia Hamilton. You’re probably familiar with the new books and feature films areas, but have you browsed the documentaries lately? They’re tucked away in an alcove, and you almost have to be looking for them to find them. Similarly, the very interesting collection of books by Yellow Springs authors is tucked into a corner, far from the doors.

Biographies are nearby, and did you know we have a separate collection of books too big to fit on the regular shelves? Then there’s the large print collection and graphic novels. You’ll see a collection of various kinds of fiction for teens—also popular with adults. If you include the hallway in your circuit, you’ll get to see several pieces from our circulating art collection.

That’s all in just one lap, 490 feet. Walk the same route 11 times, and you will have walked a mile!

Caution: The library is probably not the place for your briskest walking. We don’t want you to crash into any slow-moving browsers. And you’ll want to browse, too, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of extra time to examine all the great reads and other treasures you’ll discover while strolling around the library!