Yellow Springs Local Authors Collection

If you live in Yellow Springs, there’s a better-than-average chance that the author of a book lives next door. Many of these writers are represented on Yellow Springs Community Library’s Local Author shelves. The collection contains over 350 titles, each one created by someone who lives or once lived in Yellow Springs or Miami Township.

Some of the authors are well-established and nationally known. Some are self-published and relatively unheard of. Some are familiar faces around town, and you might not know they’ve ever written anything. Some are best known for their written work, and what’s surprising is the local connection.

Some of the titles have been in the collection for decades. Some are brand new. Topics in the Local Author collection range widely and create a mini-library all their own. There’s fiction, of course, and psychology, science, social sciences, and the arts. There’s oodles of poetry, some local history, and several memoirs and biographies. And there are books for teens and children, too.

Many of the books were purchased by the library, but some authors were able to donate a copy.

When a book by a local author no longer circulates, it goes to the Greene County Room in the Xenia library, where it join books by authors from other communities in the county. The Greene County Room copies are for use only in the library, but the books at Yellow Springs can be borrowed. Check one out, and read a book by your neighbor!

Yellow Springs Authors: A Sampling

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