Xenia Community Library’s Staff Pets

February is American Heart Month, so we are reminded this month to take care of our hearts. Many of us also think of February as the month of candy-filled hearts, chocolates, and choosing a special person to enjoy Valentine’s Day fun. When thinking about love, our Xenia Community Library staff wanted to share pictures and stories about our favorite animals… our pets! Read on to discover the heartwarming details about our staff’s beloved pets.

Meet Sarah’s black cat Ralph. She says that Ralph loves to be outside and last fall ran away to her old neighborhood (approximately 3.5 miles across town) three different times.

Sarah also owns three additional cats that answer to Fiona, Kira, and Cece. They often enjoy looking out of Sarah’s windows. Maybe they are looking at Sarah’s cat Ralph in the tree outside!

Keesha’s dog Ruby is a mixed breed that may be about 10 years old. Keesha is not sure of Ruby’s exact age as she had a few owners before finding her forever home with their family eight years ago. Ruby’s hobbies include long walks around the neighborhood, sleeping (and shedding) on the couch, barking at the mailman, and viciously destroying squeaker toys. Ruby is a sweet, snuggly girl who loves and protects their family, especially Keesha’s youngest child. Her youngest daughter was about 6 months old when Ruby joined their family and they have been best friends ever since.

Tuxedo (aka Tuxy) is Melissa’s one-year old Dutch rabbit. Tuxy was named by her children because of his combination white and black coloring. This “fancy bunny” enjoys hopping around the house, eating timothy hay, and regular brushings. Tuxy is pleasantly surprised by finding an occasional Cheerio under the dining room table and nudges your feet when wanting attention for a regular petting.

Xenia Police Division Officer Jackie Masur guards at our library. You can often see Officer Masur hanging out with some of her dogs and her family. Officer Masur sent us a holiday picture of her holding seven-year-old Chihuahua mix Peppy (top left) and Mally Jane (top right), who is a ten-year-old Maltese. Officer Masur’s son is pictured holding their seven-year-old Chihuahua mix dog that responds to Zo, and her husband has their twelve-year-old Chihuahua named Minnie on his lap. Officer Masur will admit in a heartbeat that she loves all her “little rescue babies.”

Learn more about cats, dogs, bunnies, or your favorite pet by stopping in to check out our pet books and share your awesome pet stories with our library staff!