Cheers to Forty-Four Years!

Brigid O’Connor retired from Xenia Community Library on November 29, 2019, with over forty-four years of distinguished public service.

Brigid began her employment with Greene County Public Library on August 18, 1975, as a Library Page, earning $1.90 per hour. Throughout Brigid’s career with the library she held various additional positions such as Circulation Assistant, Senior Circulation Assistant, and Xenia’s Head of Circulation. Serving thirty of her public service years at Xenia Community Library as Head of Circulation, Brigid demonstrated leadership skills and knowledge as she effectively oriented, trained, and managed numerous Greene County Public Library staff. As an active member of the Ohio Library Council, Brigid also performed leadership roles through this organization by serving on the Southwest Chapter Action Council.

Over an entire career working at Xenia Community Library, Brigid earned four different job positions and worked under five Library Directors. In 1975, library fines were three cents per item per day and there were nine Greene County District Library locations. No matter how you do the math Brigid devoted a lifetime to serving customers at Xenia Community Library with the highest degree of professionalism to provide quality service and a welcoming experience at our library.

Before retiring, library staff asked Brigid what she liked most about working decades at Xenia Community Library and asked her what she would miss the most. Brigid confessed, “The best thing I like about working at the library is the people I worked with and the many patrons I have helped and met over the years.”

November 29, 2019, was officially proclaimed as “Brigid O’Connor Day” in the City of Xenia. Mayor Sarah Mays presented Brigid’s proclamation at her retirement reception on November 22nd.