The Amazing Redbud Garden Club

Since 1984, the Redbud Garden Club has worked hard to make the garden in Beavercreek Community Library’s parking lot look spectacular. This year, they took out some plants and added some gorgeous new flowers and shrubs. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

The Redbud Garden Club also tends the beautiful flowers around our flagpole, and have recently taken over the Scott Brislawn Memorial Garden right at the entrance of our parking lot.

Their president is Linda Cheadle, their co-vice presidents are Paula Calderone and Babs Sabick, their treasurer is Rosemary Justice, their secretary is Donna Andrew, and their sunshine chair is Sharon Crossen. I am very grateful to all of the members of the Redbud Garden Club for all they do to make the library’s gardens spectacular, year after year.

I am also very grateful to the Friends of the Beavercreek Library for their financial support of the library’s gardens.

Thank you, Redbud Garden Club! Thank you, Friends of the Beavercreek Library!

Nancy Madden, Beavercreek Head Librarian