Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Bee Blocks

Howdy Crafters!  I guess we have a bee theme continuing this month with these cute painted blocks!

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Included in your kit:

4 wooden blocks

Black, white, yellow paint

1 Paintbrush

1 Wooden hexagon (honeycomb)

Vinyl letter stickers

1 Wooden bee (with adhesive back)

Not included in your kit:

A dab of glue or mod podge


  1.  Paint the wooden blocks.  Paint 2 yellow, 1 white and 1 black.  Allow to dry completely.  I needed about 3 coats of the yellow to get good coverage.  I only needed 1-2 coats of the black and white paint.
  2. Paint the hexagon yellow.  Allow to dry.
  3. Apply the stickers.  On 1 yellow block, apply the H to one side and the B to the other.  On the black block, apply the M to one side and a Z to the other.  On the other yellow block, apply the E to one side and a Z to the other.
  4. Attach the bee to the hexagon.  Peel off the little round sticker over the adhesive and stick anywhere on the hexagon.
  5.  Attach the hexagon to the white block with a dab of glue or mod podge (not included).

That's it, you're done!

Until next month, happy crafting!