Looking Forward To A Fabulous 2019

Your Beavercreek Community Library staff are excited to provide you with another year of outstanding library services in 2019! I thought it would be fun to share some of the great things that are in store for you, so I went around the library and asked staff members the following question: “What are you going to do to make 2019 a fabulous year for our patrons?” Here are some of their responses.

“As an Adult Services Librarian, I will show as many patrons as possible all of Beavercreek’s new resources–including the fun Maker Kits, such as the GoPro Camera kit and the Hue Animation Studio kit.”
Elaine Robinson, Adult Services Librarian

“I will continue to provide excellent customer care, and listen to our patrons’ needs as we move forward in 2019.”
Michele Nichols, Circulation Clerk

“I’m going to have more fabulous programs in 2019. We’re already planning our Summer Reading programs, and we are going to have more varied programs to see if we can get new people to come to the library. Starting in January, we’ll have a double dose of writing classes, which will be followed in February with a Winter Reading Challenge.”
Tim Capehart, Head of Youth Services

“I’m going to keep my eyes open whenever I’m in the library so I can make sure all of our displays are full and enticing—containing irresistible books that people can take home!”
Catherine Queener, Youth Services Librarian

“I will make sure all of our materials look attractive and are easy to find.”
Mary Lou Brown, Library Aide

As you can see, we are looking forward to a fabulous year, and I invite you to come to your library to check out all of our amazing books, movies, music, and programs—all for free!

Nancy Madden, Beavercreek Head Librarian