A Stickery Situation

A book’s last stop before it gets to one of our shelves is the processing department. That’s where the library’s Processing Clerks—Cindy, Kelly, and Jennifer—get materials ready to check out.

The work involves a lot of stickers. There are labels that identify the genre, address labels that show which of our seven locations each book comes from, bar codes, call numbers, and additional informational stickers that show if a book is large print or if it’s an express book that’s only available for a seven-day loan.

The processing staff also reinforce the spines of paperback books with tape to help them better endure the heavy use that library books get, and apply the RFID tags that make self-checkouts possible.

All in all, there are dozens of stickers that could be added to library materials, but they’re important to help keep the library organized and the books in good shape.