The Bookmobile: A Child’s First Library

The library is a wonderful place for children, giving them the opportunity to learn to read and learn to love to read while meeting new people and developing all sorts of skills.

In Greene County, the library provides service to schoolchildren even if their families don’t regularly visit the library—thanks to our Bookmobile.

“We’re an ambassador for the library,” says Stacy, the Bookmobile Manager. The Bookmobile visits schools, preschools, and day care centers around the county, giving many children their first public library experiences.

“It’s something different and fun for the students, but we’re still promoting reading,” adds Bookmobile Clerk Cameron. Students can check out two books from the Bookmobile at a time. The arrangement also provides an early lesson in responsibility. Students don’t need to carry library cards—the Bookmobile keeps a binder with a barcode for each student—but they do need to return the books they borrow before they can pick out new ones.

Meanwhile, the Bookmobile lets children see firsthand some of the ways librarians can help them. That might be as simple as expert assistance to help them find a book. “We’re real picture book nerds,” Stacy says, which comes in handy when making recommendations. But the Bookmobile also lends a hand with lessons by bringing books for classes to use that relate to what they’re studying.