Types of Printable Vinyl

Spark Place has several types of vinyl and paper available to purchase for your large-format printing projects.

  • Light-Weight Banner: A durable material for creating a sign that can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Grommets are included.
  • Wall Cling: A material with a tacky backing designed to stick to walls without damaging the paint. Can be peeled off and reused.
  • Sticker Vinyl: Vinyl with an adhesive backing, designed to more permanently adhere to objects.
  • Poster Paper: Thick paper that's easy to frame and mat. Great for printing high-quality photographs.
  • Window Cling: A clear material that statically clings to glass. Prints can be inverted to allow text to be read from the outside the window while the cling is stuck to the inside. The 54″ wide cling has a light adhesive, while the 30″ wide cling holds to windows with static alone.
  • Perforated Window Cling: Lets a person view the print on the outside of a window, while allowing minimal visual obstruction from the inside. Must be hung on the side of the window from which it will be viewed.

To check whether specific types and sizes of vinyl are currently available, please email sparkplace@gcpl.lib.oh.us or call Spark Place at (937) 736-7092.

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