Where the Crawdads Sing, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Where the Crawdads Sing.

I am so mad at Tate! I cannot believe he didn't come back for Kya once he went off to school. He was such a coward. I understand that Kya is odd and would have a time of adjustment before she could live comfortably in the "regular" world. But, he was a coward to not talk to her and instead just leave after he saw the way she reacted to the fisherman that came near to her house. She already experienced so much loss--how was she ever supposed to learn to trust people once Tate abandoned her, too?

Were you suprised that she and Chase had a relationship? I don't think she would have gone for Chase if she had not been burned by Tate. Throughout the section, we start to see some things about their relationship that relate to Chase's murder. They did visit the fire tower together, and Kya did give Chase a shell necklace. Finally, he ends up betraying her by getting engaged to another girl while telling Kya that he wants to be with her. Do you think those things are enough to show that Kya wanted Chase dead? 

Evidence against Kya starts to build. The fisherman claims he saw her the night of the murder, and they find the red cap in her house. But, do those things really prove anything? She was with her book publisher. How could she be anywhere close to the murder? 

Were you shocked when she was arrested? I wasn't surprised, but I was really sad. Kya doesn't seem to be able to defend herself. Or, maybe she doesn't want to. 

I was so excited when Kya started to publish her work. I loved all of the freedom that job gave her. She was able to fix up her house, she was able to buy her land, and she was able to finally live and not just survive on scraps. I was glad that Tate gave her the idea to publish, but I was still so frustrated with him.. I think my feelings about Tate mirrored Kya's feelings about Tate in this section. 

Weren't you so excited when Jodie showed up again? I was glad that he was doing so well, and I was glad that Kya was able to have that family connection and the paintings that her mother made. I wish her mother's story had been a little happier, but I was glad that Jodie gave her some closure. 

What else stood out to you in this section? Are you anxious to finish the book, so you can finally figure out what's going on? 

Before you go, check out this interview with the actress who plays Kya in the movie version. 

I hope you're able to finish the book for next week. Make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this section!