Online Book Club

Greene County Public Library's Online Book Club is a group that meets on our website. You can read at your own pace, and join the discussion when it’s convenient for you.

Each month, we’ll unveil a new book. Then we’ll share blog posts with background information, videos, and questions to enhance your reading experience.

The books we'll read also have movie versions. So even if you don’t have time to read a book, you can still take part by discussing the plot and story with others.

To follow along with the Online Book Club, check out each month’s book at your local library or borrow the ebook

We hope you’ll read along with us!

Book Selections

Online Book Club pick for November 2019. Lina and her family are ripped from their home by Soviet guards and are sent to Siberia. Through the unimaginable hardship, Lina vows to tell her story so that the circumstances they encounter do not become forgotten.

Online Book Club pick for October 2019. Meggie realizes that her father has magical powers that only emerge when he reads aloud, but the responsibility to harness these powers falls on her shoulders.

Online Book Club pick for September 2019. Scientists figure out a way to clone dinosaurs and bring them into our world. What could go wrong?

Online Book Club pick for August 2019. One dog searches for his purpose through the course of several lives.

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