The Maze Runner, Week 4

Welcome to our last Online Book Club discussion of The Maze Runner!

Have you recovered from the ending of this book? What was the most upsetting part for you? I think the hardest thing for me to read was Chuck's death. That was so incredibly sad. I couldn't believe that he made it all the way through the Griever hole and then still died. It was interesting that he chose to sacrifice himself for Thomas, though. 

Could you believe that Thomas volunteered to go through a Changing so he could get some memories back? Would they have been able to escape without these memories?

Were you mad that the whole maze was just a test to find the strongest kids? That is a pretty messed up way to find children who are strong enough to look for a cure for "The Flare."

In the last few pages, we learn that this whole experiment was designed to help the Earth recover from something called, "The Flare." Did you really understand about the Flare and the Scorch and all of that stuff? We see Flare-infected people throw themselves against a bus, but we don't get too many details. Does the lack of details make you want to continue reading the series to learn more?  

What are your thoughts about WICKED? The epilogue sure makes you wonder about WICKED, doesn't it? So, we see that the rescue of the kids from WICKED was just another test. The epilogue mentions a group B. What do you think that is? Are there more kids? 

What are your final impressions? Are you going to read the next book? 

Just for fun, take this Buzzfeed quiz to find out what Maze Runner character you would be. Let me know your results in the comments section!

I hope you enjoyed reading along with us this month. I hope you'll join us again next month as we read Victoria & Abdul by Shrabani Basu.