The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the Online Book Club discussion of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Were you happy with the end of the book? Don't you wish there could be a sequel? Unfortunately, I don't think there could ever be a sequel since Mary Ann Shaffer, the co-author who came up with the idea, died before the book even came out. You can read more about her and the writing and editing process here

Could you believe, throughout this section, that Dawsey and Juliet obviously loved each other, but neither could see or understand it? Their feelings were so obvious, didn't you think so? I couldn't believe that Juliet thought that Dawsey might have feelings for Remy, and I really didn't understand how Isola could misread Dawsey's feelings, too! Wasn't that part funny, though, when Isola went through Dawsey's stuff, hoping to find momentos of Remy but instead found momentos of Juliet? She was so disappointed, but I was excited!

What did you think when Mark showed up on the island? I just wanted to yell and him and tell him to go home. I was glad that Juliet just refused Mark completely. I was a little afraid she was going to be indecisive, so it was nice that she just cut ties with him completely. They would not have been a good match. 

It was hard to read about Remy in this last section. She was such a pathetic character, for obvious reasons, and I was just afraid that she was going to have some sort of mental breakdown. She made great strides towards healing, but still, it was hard to read about her. Weren't you worried for her the entire time? 

I was surprised by the element of Billee Bee being a spy. And, I was surprised by the Oscar Wilde letters that Isola had. Did you think those things fit with the story? I guess the Oscar Wilde letters helped to show that Billee Bee was duplicitous, but I thought they were a little out of left field. I was really disappointed about Billee Bee. She had done so much to send things for the people, so I was sad that she wasn't a great character in the end. 

I think one of my favorite things from this section was when Juliet asked Dawsey to marry her, and he was so excited that he fell off the ladder. That was so cute, and it left me with a smile as the book ended. I think he and Juliet and Kit probably ended up having a really lovely life together. I hope they were able to have a lot of fun adventures together, and I hope they were happy. I know the people of Guernsey will continue to take care of all three of them. 

So, what did you think of the book as a whole? What did I leave out? What parts were your favorite--or least favorite? 

If you liked this book and want to read and watch similar titles, check out this list I created. Please make sure to let me know if you read or watch anything on the list!

If you're curious how the book came to be a movie, check out the video below. I love that it seems a lot of work was put into making the movie as close to the book as possible!

Thanks for following along this month! I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know how you enjoyed the book. And, I hope you'll join us next month as we read Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.