The Girl on the Train, Week 3

Welcome to Week of the Online Book Club discussion of The Girl on the Train.

How was the reading experience this week? Do you feel like you know how the book is going to end? 

What did you think of the fact that a couple of the chapters in this section were from Anna's perspective? Did it bother you to have another character added into the mix? I don't mind books told from multiple perspectives, but I definitely have to take a moment to think about which character I am before starting a chapter. What do you think of Anna? Do you think she's happy at home? It would definitely be hard to have a person like Rachel in your life. It's so hard that Rachel keeps calling and showing up to the house. I don't blame Anna for feeling unsettled. 

Didn't you feel like Rachel made increasingly worse decisions as the section went on? I could not believe that she entered into a romantic entanglement with Scott. That's just the worst idea. He could be a murderer for all she knows. What do you think of Scott? It seems like he was definitely emotionally abusive to Megan. There seems to be a lot of anger below the surface for him. Do you think it's a good idea for Rachel to be using Kamal as a therapist? I definitely think it's a good idea for Rachel to go to a therapist, but what is she thinking by going to Kamal? She just makes such horrible decisions. 

What did you think of the revelations about Megan's past? I was really surprised to read that Megan had had a child and that the child died in an accident. The accident was pretty horrific--it was hard to read about. What did you think about the fact that Megan just buried the child instead of contacting any authorities? I think I felt like I could forgive Megan for the accident, but I had a really hard time feeling like I could forgive her for covering it up afterwards. Did reading about the accident and the cover up change your opinion of Megan? I felt like I already didn't have a great opinion of Megan, so I'm not sure if my thoughts about her changed at all after reading about her past. 

What do you think happened to Rachel the night that Megan disappeared? Do you feel like you know any more about that night after reading this section? I definitely feel like if Rachel were able to remember that night, she might know what happened to Megan. It's so frustrating to rely on Rachel to provide us with information since she is so unreliable. 

Are you anxious to find out what's going on? Do you find yourself wanting to flip forward to the end of the book to figure out the ending? I hope you're excited to finish the book for next week. 

Before you go, check out the video below to learn more about the movie adaptation!

Thanks for reading along with me this week! I hope you're able to leave a comment to let me know what you thought of the section. Make sure to finish reading the book before joining us next week!