The Best Part of Spark Place is YOU!

Take on your newest creative project at Greene County’s very own makerspace Spark Place! First things first, if you don’t already know, a makerspace is a place where you’ll find tools and technology for community members to share as they invent, build, and create. Spark Place has all the make-whatever-your-heart-desires tools, and the staff are knowledgeable and ready to help while you work on your project.

This Maker’s Week we’re highlighting this amazing space, and a patron who frequents it with her family. Cyrill Bacher and her family love using Spark Place and want you to love it too! I had the chance to discuss Spark Place with Cyrill including some of the projects she’s worked on there.


What is the best part about having accessibility to a makerspace in Greene County?

What is the best part about Spark Place? Every single thing is the best part. I mean that too. We started going to Spark Place after the pandemic hit and our family decided to home school. So, my kids and I needed a space where we could make art that made us smile. It was really intimidating for us at first because you just feel like you’re going to break everything, but the employees there are so great at teaching you about the machines, the software, how to use each machine that we felt like we could make anything.

What are some projects you and your family have worked on at Spark Place? What excites you guys about the makerspace?

We usually come up with fun ideas like using artwork my kids made or family pictures and transform them into cool projects using the tools at Spark Place like sublimated mugs (heat transferring art onto the outside of a mug), wood, t-shirts, 3D printing, laser engraved leather belts, wallets, glass, wood, pencils. We’ve made stickers as well.  

The most exciting part about Spark Place is hearing my kids say, “Mommy my friend’s birthday is next week. He’s really into Pokémon – I need to make him this!” Since we have started coming there, we do not buy presents; Instead, we make presents. Every holiday, birthday, event involves us thinking of what makes people happy, then coming to Spark Place and figuring out how to make it. Then we get to physically hand them the object that we think brings them joy. It’s so nice to come there and see artists so excited about what they are making because they know it’s going to make people smile so big. It’s the happiest place ever! 

Do you have any future projects you plan to work on at Spark Place?

Future projects are never ending. This past Christmas we made gifts for about 25 of my family members. My face hurt from smiling so hard! I want to sublimate photos on a blanket since I haven’t done that yet.  

What are some encouraging words you would give to a patron that may be on the fence about using Spark Place?

Just set up an appointment. Once you get here there’s going to be so many people that will help you make sure you can succeed at whatever project you’re thinking about making. You’re going to fall in love with this place!


See the gallery below to view some of the cool projects Cyrill and her family have made at Spark Place. Maybe some of their projects will inspire your next project!

Make an appointment at Spark Place today to find numerous tools and technology to invent, build, and create your latest project! Visit to learn more or call (937) 736-7092