Make Your Small Business Dreams Come True at Spark Place

Thinking about starting a small business and need affordable signage, stickers, and other marketing materials? Cynthia Stemple, or Cymp as her friends call her, did too when she started up a now Greene County Staple – Coffee Hub. So, when Cymp needed signage on a budget, she turned to Spark Place at the Xenia Community Library.

I had the chance to chat with Cymp about GCPL’s makerspace and why it’s so helpful for her as a small business owner.


Can you give us a little backstory on the origin of Coffee Hub in Greene County?

I love coffee with a passion, and after moving to Xenia in 2012, I noticed that there was a need for a local, specialty coffee shop in Xenia. I filed the coffee shop away with my many other business ideas, until one day I got a call wanting to know if I was interested in starting a coffee shop in partnership with a community restaurant One Bistro. From there, the idea for Coffee Hub Xenia was born, and after getting professional training, being offered a great space right in the heart of downtown, and connecting with other coffee aficionados in the area, I opened Coffee Hub Xenia in July 2017. God gives us opportunities, and we walk through those doors…the next opportunity being opening a new Coffee Hub location in Centerville.

What are some projects you have worked on at Spark Place?

I’ve made Coffee Hub stickers, banners, buttons, mugs, big vinyl stickers of our logo for shops, trailers, and more!

How have these projects benefited your small business?

Spark Place allows me to create great signage for a super reasonable price, which is so helpful for us as a small business. Plus, it’s just fun to be able to create! Thanks to these projects I have met such wonderful people at the library and Spark place, and it’s always fun to connect with others in the community. I tell people about Spark Place all the time, and I am so happy my tax dollars go to such a wonderful space!

Do you have any future projects you plan to work on at Spark Place? Yes, soon I’ll be making vinyl stickers for our coffee truck we are building out, and a big logo for inside the new Centerville location. It’s great to know that I can continue to utilize Spark Place as my business grows, and I think having a makerspace available to library patrons is a wonderful way to spark creativity for all makers out there!


Cymp goes on to give Spark Place a glowing review and recommends it to small business owners and individuals alike. Make sure to check out Coffee Hub and be on the lookout for their newest location coming to Centerville!

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