Summer Reading Club is for the Whole Family

Over the years, Kathryn Dowell and her family have frequented the Beavercreek Community Library and taken part in lots of storytimes, crafty programs, and the annual Summer Reading Club. Kathryn’s three children, Indigo (11yrs), Iona (9yrs), and Idris (6yrs), love the Beavercreek library, or as they call it “The Mr. Tim Library,” and they’re passionate writing club goers as well as voracious readers!

Kathryn discussed how Summer Reading Club brightens her family’s experience during the warmer months and how fun it is to participate together.


How long have you and your family participated in Summer Reading Club at GCPL, and what made you want to start?

Too many years to count. We always love Library programming! I scour the program catalog for the many offerings. 

As a parent, what would you say the benefits of participating in Summer Reading Club as a family are? What do your kids think the most fun parts of Summer Reading Club are?

As a parent, I’m happy to say that my kids are very motivated readers. During Summer Reading they are reading books IN the Library before we even leave. My kids say they are happy to be rewarded for what they love to do; READ! 

What does your family enjoy most about Summer Reading Club?

We love the themed programming. From Jeri at Fairborn and their Sew Much Fun projects to blacklight painting at Xenia, we enjoy all the creative ways the library makes the theme fun.

Because of COVID, the past two years of Summer Reading Club have looked a little different. This year it looks like things are on their way of going back to “normal.” What are you most looking forward to for Summer Reading Club ‘22?

I appreciate how the libraries and staff continue to support our family with virtual offerings, make and take bags or extra space in programming.

I know you and your family are avid library-goers. What would you tell someone or another family that may on the fence about visiting the library or joining the Summer Reading Club?

It’s only great things! With programming for all ages and interests, there is fun for everyone and their levels of comfort. 

What’s one of your favorite memories from Summer Reading Club that you have with your family?

We love the Wave foundation visiting with their animals. We appreciate Peace Lutheran allowing their space. We’re excited that the WAVE Foundation will be at a few GCPL locations in August; we’ll definitely be there!


Summer Reading Club is more than a library program; it’s an experience you get to have with your family. At the library we strive to foster a sense belonging and provide a space for you and your loved ones to hang out and bond over your favorite stories and fun activities.

The summer fun isn’t over yet! Summer Reading Club runs through July, and there’s still time to track your reading and win prizes. Your library also has tons of family-friendly activities, including visits from Newport Aquarium’s WAVE Foundation in August.

This summer, read as a family and maximize your fun at the library! Learn more at