Skipping Christmas, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Skipping Christmas.

Did you like the way the book ended? Were you surprised by the twist with Blair? I knew things couldn't go as smoothly with the cruise as the Kranks imagined. 

I really can't believe that climbing to the top of the house and putting a huge Frosty on the roof was a requirement in the Krank's neighborhood. It was such a dangerous operation! Didn't you just cringe the whole time Luther was out on his roof? I just knew he was going to get hurt. He was so lucky that he didn't die when he fell off the roof! If you want to see how that scene played out in the movie, check out the clip below. 

Weren't you glad when the neighbors finally came through for the Kranks? It seemed, at first, that they were going to make the Kranks suffer for the pain they had caused. I was relieved when they finally came behind the Kranks to make Christmas special for Blair. I just couldn't believe how rocky everything was for them at first. Getting arrested for stealing a tree, not finding any friends to come to the party, not having any food for the party--it wasn't smooth sailing for them to change course! Do you think it was fair for Blair to expect a big Christmas from her family? I know her parents never talked to her about their Christmas plans, but still, she had to imagine that they wouldn't have quite the same Christmas without her at home. 

I really enjoyed the very last part where Luther gave the tickets away to the Scheel family. That was incredibly touching and a really appropriate ending. I was glad that the tickets didn't go to waste, and I was glad the couple was going to have a fun time away from home. I have to confess that I found myself tearing up when I read the final chapter. Did you? 

Did you enjoy the book as a whole? Did you feel like it put you in the Christmas spirit? Do you think you would like to read it again next Christmas? 

If you enjoyed this book and would like to watch or read something similar, check out this list I created. Make sure to let me know if you check out anything on the list! 

Before you go, check out this article about how the Krank's neighborhood was created for the film. And, check out this video where Jamie Lee Curtis attempts to identify one of her co-stars from the movie, 15 years after it was filmed. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this book this month! I can't wait to hear your thoughts in the comments section! I hope you'll join us again next month as we read Raven Black by Ann Cleeves.