Sense and Sensibility, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. 

Did you enjoy reading the first part of the book this week? I have to confess that older books like this are not my preferred type of book, but I am trying hard to take my time while reading and enjoy the language and characters!

Are you a big Jane Austen fan? I think it's so interesting that her books have stayed so popular for hundreds of years. That's a big testament to how great her writing and characters are! Have any of you traveled to England and seen her house in person? In case a trip isn't in your future, you can check out a tour of her house here.  

I did enjoy most of the characters I met in the first section. Do you have a favorite character? I like how steadfast Elinor is, but I also enjoy how dramatic Marianne is. I was glad that the Dashwood women were able to band together and make the best of things after they were treated so horribly by John Dashwood and his wife. Could you believe how scheming Fanny Dashwood was? It was so horrible how she was able to convince her husband to not give the money that he promised to give. I couldn't believe how easily swayed John was. I was really disappointed in him throughout the first chapters. What do you think of Edward Ferrars and John Willoughby? I think I like Edward more than Willoughby, but I don't think I'm really a fan of either of them. I don't think either man has proven to be very trustworthy. At the end of this first section, Willoughby leaves the country--do you think he'll be back, or will he continue to leave Marianne in the lurch? He was so public with is courtship of her that it seems odd that he would leave her side. What about Edward? Why is he being so friendly to Elinor if he has commitments elsewhere? I think he is just completely kowtowed by his mother. I don't know if he makes any decisions for himself. 

What did you think once the family moved to the country? I think they ended up in a really great space. The Middleton's seemed to be nice people, and it was kind that they wanted to include the Dashwoods in everything and introduce them to people. What do you think of Colonel Brandon? It's kind of sad that he's so interested in Marianne, but she doesn't give him the time of day. What about the Steele sisters? They don't seem to be very kind. How surprised were you when Lucy revealed that she had been engaged to Edward Ferrars for the past year? I was shocked. I don't understand why Edward would spend time with Elinor if he was in love with another woman. Do you think he really loves Lucy? Is she really telling the truth about their attachment to each other? His betrothal to Lucy did explain his hair ring. What did you think about all of the references to keeping a piece of hair from a loved one? Willoughby took hair from Marianne, and Edward took hair from Lucy. Are you glad that custom is not still a part of our daily lives? 

What do you think is going to happen in the next section? Are the Dashwood sisters going to find lasting love? Are they going to have to interact with their brother again? 

Before you go, check out the video clip below of Lucy Steele telling Elinor about her engagement to Edward. Is that the way you pictured the scene playing out? 

Thanks for following along this week! I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts about this section in the comments. Make sure you read Volume 2 for next week!