Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Scented Sachets

Hi Crafters!  

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This month's take and make is super simple! 

Included in your kit is 4 sachet bags, iron on designs and, of course, some wonderful smelling bag fillers.

To transfer the designs onto the bag, cut closely around each design.  Set your iron on high heat, NO STEAM.  Peel off the backing from the design and place onto the sachet bag.  Cover with a scrap piece of cloth and then iron for 5 seconds or so.  If you don't use a piece of fabric between the iron and the design, it will probably smear the design.

Once all your designs are ironed on, fill your bags! 

If you like your bags a little fuller or with some added weight, you can add rice along with the other filler.

Hope you're having a happy spring and you enjoy this simple craft!