Ready Player One, Week 4

Welcome to the final week of the Online Book Club discussion of Ready Player One.

The ending was wild, wasn't it? I was so confused by the beginning of this section. I didn't understand why Wade would allow himself to get arrested, and I couldn't guess how it was all going to come together. Once it did, I was blown away. What an ending!

Did you imagine Wade would be able to escape from the IOI facility? I knew he was capable of lots of things when it came to technology, but I didn't expect him to be able to hack into the system, steal footage that incriminated the Sixers, and then just waltz out. I was completely amazed. 

How surprised were you by the reveal of who Aech really was? She was the most unexpected reveal because she was so different from her avatar. I wasn't surprised that Art3mis had a physical characteristic that made her feel embarrassed because she alluded to that throughout the book. I was shocked that Aech was a girl.

I loved that they all were able to work together to get to the Third Gate, and I thought it was a fun detail that Schoolhouse Rock! played a part in them being successful. I loved how Ogden Morrow was able to help them connect and play safely at the end.

My heart completely dropped when they all died after they entered the Third Gate. What did you think when you read that line? Were you afraid they wouldn't be able to finish the quest? It was so cool that the coin that Wade won from his perfect Pac-Man game gave him an extra life. I was glad it wasn't a waste.

Obviously, Wade knew enough about Monty Python and the Holy Grail to complete the mission. Are you familiar with the movie? Check out the trailer below to help familiarize yourself with the lines that Wade performed.

What did you think of the final chapters? Do you think Wade will be responsible with his power in OASIS and all of his money? How would you continue the story? Apparently, a sequel is in the works. Not many details are known yet, but Cline does share a few sneak peeks in this article on Den of Geek.

I hope you'll let me know what your favorite parts of this section were. There was so much going on in these chapters. I couldn't cover everything. If you really enjoyed the book, check out this list I made of other books and movies you might enjoy. You might even find some of James Halliday's favorites on this list.

Thanks for reading along with us this month. Next month, we're reading a classic, Anne of Green Gables. I hope you'll join us again next month.