Raven Black, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Raven Black.

Did you enjoy this second section? Do you feel like you have a better handle on the mystery? I am so anxious to find out what happend to Catherine. I feel like Catherine's documentary might be the key to understanding who has a motive to kill her, but I'm still not sure. Do you think the video she's making will provide some answers? 

Who did you think was the most suspicious person in this section? I still think Robert could be the murderer. I think he's using Sally to find out information about Catherine. And, it seems like Robert and Catherine were together at Duncan's party, so I think that might be important. I think Mr. Scott, the teacher, became less of a suspect for me. I think he's just a lonely man who made some poor choices. What do you think of Sally's father? I think he became a bit of a suspect in this section. He seemed to be intrigued by Catherine, so I think maybe he could have been involved with her. Sally's parents don't seem to be happy with each other, either, so that could show that he was lonely and looked for love in the wrong place. 

What do you think of Catherine? I don't think she's a very likeable character. I think her documentary was going to be a really unflattering to everyone in the town. I understand that she felt like an outsider, but I don't like that she was trying to only show explosive things about the people. 

I think Magnus is hiding something, but I don't think he is the murderer. Were you surprised when they found Catriona's body? I don't think they ever would have found the body if Fran had not gotten a dog for protection. I know it's really suspicious that Magus admitted to taking her ribbons after she was dead, but I really don't think he killed her. What do you think about him being in prison? Do you think the police made the right decision to put him there? 

I'm really worried about Euan, Catherine's dad. He seems determined to find a reason why Catherine was killed, and I think he's desperate to find out if he could have prevented her death. I don't think he seems well in some of the interactions he has with Fran. Hopefully, he gets some answers about Catherine and is able to heal. 

Where do you think Catherine's movie went? Do you think the murderer took it, or do you think it's hidden somewhere? I hope they can find it because I do think it will provide some answers. 

Do you have any guess about the end of the book? How do you think the whole book will wrap up? 

Before you go, check out the video below in which the star of the Shetland tv series talks about Scottish slang. Had you heard any of these words before? 

Thanks for following along this week! Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and don't forget to finish the book before coming back next week.