Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Mason Jar Snow Globe

Happy Holidays, Crafters!  I know everyone is super busy this time of year, so this month's craft is simple and fast!

Included in your kit:

1 mason jar

1 tree

1 gold reindeer

2 jingle bells

red & gold twine

fake snow

NOT included in your kit:

hot glue/super glue

water bottle lids


  1.  Turn the lid upside down and separate the flat part of the lid from the ring (if you have separate pieces - not all kits do). 
  2. Decide where you want to place the tree and reindeer and then glue a bottle cap to those places (see below picture).  The bottle caps give the tree and reindeer a little height so you can add more snow without them being swallowed up.

3.  Glue tree and reindeer onto the bottle caps. (I could only get 3 legs of the reindeer on the cap - I left the front one off)

4.  Dump the baggie of fake snow into the jar, then put the flat part of the lid inside the jar and screw the ring on the jar.

5.  Tie the twine around the bottom of the jar attaching the jingle bells just before tying the bow.  All done!

I love that the bells add just a little jingle as you turn the jar over.

I hope your holiday season is filled with good food, family and friends!  We'll see you in January!

Happy crafting!