Jurassic Park, Week 4

Welcome to the last Online Book Club discussion of Jurassic Park

Did you feel like the book had a satisfying ending? 

This section was filled with dinosaur attacks and chases. Which dinosaur did you feel like was the most terrifying? The T-Rex is frightening, but the raptors might be the scariest. The part where Grant fought them off by poisoning the eggs was really intense. I was stressed the whole time I was reading that section. The part where Tim lured the raptor to the freezer with steak was also scary. Those scenes convinced me that the raptors are the ones that I would like to encounter the least. The dactyls were pretty terrifying too, though. Could you believe that Lex was almost carried away by one? 

One of the most frightening non-dinosaur parts was when Grant had to go into the maintenance building. I would not have been able to climb down that ladder to turn on the generator. I was glad he found Gennaro and helped him escape. 

What were your thoughts when Grant and the kids were swept over the waterfall? For a second, I thought that the T-Rex had gotten Lex, since we see the dinosaur with Lex's life vest in her mouth. I was relieved she made it safely over the waterfall. 

I couldn't believe they had been operating under auxiliary power after the main power came back on. Didn't your heart sink once you realized that the electric fences had been down for so many hours? It's astounding that everything fell apart so quickly on the island. They had so many fail-safe measures, but none of them worked. I couldn't believe none of them knew how to work the computer system. It seems like you would want more than one person in charge of all that technical stuff. 

I was so relieved when they made contact with that ship so the escaped dinosaurs weren't able to get off the boat. Can you imagine what havoc they would have wrecked if they had reached the mainland? 

Were you surprised by the nest they found? Again, I never would have gone down into a nest like that, but these people have proven to be a lot more brave than I am. I was glad they all made it out of the nest alive. 

What did you think about the fate of all the characters? Was there ever a moment when you thought that no one might make it off the island? Were you more sad about the death of one character over another? Were you surprised by any of the deaths? I was just glad that Grant and the kids survived. I think I wouldn't have been able to keep reading if any of them had been eaten. 

If you've watched the movie, it's a little different from the book. I feel like it has the same spirit and excitement. Check out this list on Mental Floss to find out details about the movie that you might not have known. Make sure to leave a comment to tell me the facts that you thought were most interesting. 

If you really enjoyed reading Jurassic Park with us this month, you might enjoy the books and movies on this list that I created. Please let me know if you check out and enjoy anything on the list. And let me know if there are any books or movies you'd recommend.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the end of the book. I know I missed lots of great parts, so make sure to let me know which ones you really enjoyed. I hope you join us next month when we read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.