New Free Little Fiber Library at Beavercreek

We're excited to announce our new Free Little Fiber Library here at Beavercreek!  Just like those roadside Free Little Libraries, this is a place where yarn crafters and fiber artists can exchange yarn and other supplies.  Just imagine knitting needles and yarn balls instead of paperback books.  

The inspiration for this came from an adorable yarn shop outside Philadelphia called Wild Hand.  You can read about their little fiber library here.  It was an instant success and even Martha Stewart took notice!

As an avid crocheter myself, this idea instantly appealed to me and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create one here!

Here at Beavercreek, we have a thriving craft community as well as a yarn crafters group that meets every Thursday morning (more on that here).   Our hope is that crafters can now exchange supplies and donate that yarn they bought for the exciting new project that never became a reality.  Because let's face it, we all have that bin in our closet full of yarn we couldn't wait to buy, but never made anything with.

Happy Crafting!