Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Flannel Hand Warmers

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Colder weather is officially upon us and winter sports season is here!  So this month I thought we'd make handwarmers.

The great thing about this project is that anyone can make these no matter their skill level.  There are three different ways these can be made.

  1.  Machine sewed.  This is the method I used to make the samples in the picture.  Put the right sides together, sew around three sides and turn right side out.  Next, top stitch around the same three sides.  Fill with 1/2 a cup of rice.  Fold the edges of the 4th side in and top stitch it closed.
  2. Hand sewed.  In this method, you would still want to put the right sides together and hand sew three sides using a running stitch.  Turn the square right side out.  Fill with 1/2 a cup of rice.  Using a blanket stitch, sew the open side closed and then continue around the rest of the edges (embroidery floss not included in kit).
  3. Glue.  With right sides facing out, use a bead of hot glue/fabric glue around three sides of the square.  Once dry, fill with 1/2 cup of rice then glue the open side closed.  Use pinking shears to create a finished edge (optional).

Take a look at the following websites for more detailed instructions:

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To use your handwarmers, just pop them in the microwave and put them in your pockets!

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Happy Crafting!