Space Exploration: Who Is Visiting Whom?

You could say Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were alien life forms when they landed on the moon half a century ago. And some say that extraterrestrials have visited earthlings on many occasions, too! This month in Fairborn, we’ll consider interstellar discovery from both sides of the exploratory adventure.

Saturday, July 20, marks an important date in human endeavor. Join us in Fairborn Community Library’s Meeting Room at 3 p.m. for The First Moon Landing: A 50th Anniversary Celebration. We’ll watch historic video clips from way back then, and see streaming images from today's space program. Share memories, enjoy space-age snacks, and, if you remember seeing grainy images of the giant leap for mankind on an old black-and-white TV, tell some whippersnappers just how tremendous it all seemed at the time.

But if you think that space explorers aren’t necessarily always human, come to the library on Monday, July 29, to meet local author and former Department of Defense Senior Scientist Ray Szymanski when he presents Extraterrestrial Visitation: Fact or Fiction? Ray has spoken about his books and research in previous library programs, and he always fascinates his audiences. He’ll have books to sell, too.

Don’t just orbit around the library—land here and have a world of fun!