Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Dash & Lily's Book of Dares.

Did you enjoy reading this section? It started a lot more positively than it ended, didn't it? I have to say that I was disappointed by the first meeting that Dash and Lily had. It wasn't what I was hoping their face-to-face meeting would be like. 

In this section, Lily sends Dash to Dyker Heights to see the Christmas lights. She sends Dash to a place called "The Nutcracker House," and from what I can figure out, that is not a specific place, but the Christmas lights and excitement are real! If you'd like to see how the area looks in real life, check out the video clip below. Do you think you would enjoy if your neighborhood had this many holiday decorations? 

After he visits the Christmas lights, Dash sends Lily to hear a band in the middle of the night. It seems like Lily has a fun time stepping out of her comfort zone, but then, she is too scared to approach Dash's friends, so she doesn't leave the notebook behind. She does, however, leave one of her shoes. That detail sure turned the story into more of a Cinderella story, didn't it? Why do you think she was so scared to approach the boys? Was it just because they looked cooler than her? 

I think Lily loses her way a bit in the latter part of this section. I think she's really thrown by the fact that her family is far away, and they might be moving away forever. Do you think that influenced her decision to spend time with Edgar? I was surprised that she was even willing to go to a party after being punished by her grandfather. That seemed a little out of character for her. I was sad that she spent time with Edgar because he seemed like a much less quality guy than Dash. 

Dash is able to get an address about the boot from Mark at the bookstore. This address leads him to Lily's aunt--the one she refers to as Mrs. Basil E. Mrs. Basil E sure gives Dash the run-around. She definitely vets him to see if he is worthy of spending time with Lily. I felt like his responses and the fact that he was so patient and kind really showed his character. I'm glad that Mrs. Basil E. saw through his snarly-ness and saw that he was really a nice young man. 

At the end of this section, Lily and Dash meet, but, unfortunately, Lily has been drinking, and she does not make a good first impression. She drops the notebook on the floor, and she ends up passing out in front of Dash. How do you think they will be able to move on from this disastrous first meeting? Do you think they will continue to pass the notebook back and forth? Do you think Dash will give Lily a second chance? 

I hope you enjoyed reading along this week! Make sure you finish the book before checking back next week! I'm excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section!