Crazy Rich Asians, Week 4

Welcome to the last week of our Online Book Club discussion of Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan!

Did you enjoy the end of the book? Did it end the way you thought it would? What was the most surprising thing to you? 

I think the most surprising scene was the one in which Eleanor revealed that Rachel's father wasn't dead—both because it revealed that Rachel wasn't who she said she was, and because of how Eleanor ambushed her with the information. I couldn't believe how cold and unfeeling Eleanor and Su Yi were in that section. Rachel was obviously really upset, but they kept pushing. 

I was also really surprised when Michael revealed that he wasn't actually having an affair. He was just looking for a way out of his marriage to Astrid. I thought that section was incredibly sad, particularly how Michael always felt like he wasn't good enough for Astrid. The book kind of ends hopefully with Charlie suggesting that Astrid not file for divorce for a year so she and Michael can have time to figure things out. 

At the end of the book, Rachel's mom reveals that Rachel's biological father's name is Kao Wei, and he is still alive, although he doesn't know that Rachel is his daughter. I think that Rachel is going to try to find him, don't you? Do you think he will be a character in later books? I think there is more to his story. 

Rachel and Nick get back together at the end of the book, but the last thing we know from his grandmother is that if he and Rachel marry, he will be disinherited. I'm glad that Nick stands up to his family, but I'm worried about the repercussions of him breaking from his family. Do you think he will be able to stay with Rachel and reunite with his family? 

If you loved this book and want to see how the story progresses, make sure to check out the second in the series, China Rich Girlfriend. And, if you enjoyed the movie, check out this article that gives a few peeks into the sequel that will come out in a few years. 

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I hope you enjoyed the book this month, and I hope you'll leave your thoughts in the comments section. I am really curious to hear if you enjoyed the ending and want to read the second book in the series. 

Make sure to join us next month as we read Home Fires by Julie Summers. I hope to hear from you before then!