Visitors Galore

The Rails to Trails Conservancy program is dedicated to bringing a safe, multipurpose paved trail to the country by converting unused railroad corridors to trails. Greene County alone has 62 miles of these trails, which are nationally recognized as some of the best. Next to Cedarville Community Library, the Ohio to Erie trail allows riders to get from the Ohio River in Cincinnati all the way to Lake Erie! One could also go from the Atlantic Ocean through Indiana, with plans to extend the National Route 50 straight to the Pacific Ocean.

This means Cedarville library staff members are welcoming people from all over the world almost every day in the summertime. We have met folks riding from San Diego on a fundraising venture, mothers and daughters from many different states spending time together on vacation, riders from Australia who have never been to America, cycling events such as GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycling Adventure), folks that come through Cedarville every year on their vacation (making it a point to stop in and say hello), and most recently, a father and son team who are riding from coast to coast to celebrate the son’s graduation.

You can follow Joe and Mike on their Instagram account at jolikesbikes. Maybe you’ll see the pictures they snapped of the library and our staff there too. We had a great time meeting these guys and hope they make it all the way. It’s so fun to be a library on the trail. You never know what great stories you’ll hear next!