Book Discussion Groups for Everyone

Are you looking for a book discussion group where you can meet with others to discuss a common book? Perhaps you’ve been afraid to commit to one, or you’ve been short on time. Maybe a traditional book group hasn’t caught your eye and you’re looking for something a little different. Here in Cedarville, we’ve got some groups that just might work for you.

The Cedarville Reads Book Discussion Group is a traditional book group. It meets on the last Monday of the month, and has been meeting at Cedarville Community Library since 2007. For March, we’re trying something a little different. At the suggestion of one of our members, at our February meeting we did “Blind Date with a Book”. Head Librarian Eden Allison wrapped a selection of fiction and nonfiction titles so no one could see what they were. At the meeting, members of the group picked their “blind date.” Everyone will report on their book at the March meeting. Who knows, we might find a title that the whole group would like to read later!

The Beside the Creek Book Club started in October of 2018, and meets off-site at Orion Coffee and Tea on the last Monday of the month. Adult Services Librarian Erin notes “our meetings are fun and relaxing since we are in a coffee shop and get to sip delicious beverages throughout the meeting. While meeting, we talk about the book, but we also take time to share about books we're reading or movies we're watching. So far, we've read a mixture of nonfiction and fiction titles—we aim to read a variety of books to make sure everyone in the group can find a title that they enjoy.”

Besides our traditional book groups, we have one more group that you might enjoy.

Our Online Book Club is an at-your-own-pace, completely online book and movie group that started in September 2015, specifically for those folks interested in joining a book club but who can’t get to the library. Each month a new post is available on our website with the monthly selection and background information. Then on the following Mondays of the month, Erin submits a new blog post with all kinds of fun information and prompting questions. You can read the book, watch the movie, or download the electronic versions of either and follow along at your own speed. Erin responds to participant’s comments, and tries to vary the selection from classics to current, to include a wide range of interests.

Our March selections are:

Take a look at our in-house displays for future selections, or just ask one of us at the information desk. We always welcome new members in any of our groups, so check out one today!