Calling All Trivia Fans!

There’s an awesome event that happens on the first Thursday of every month in Cedarville. For four years, Cedarville Community Library and Beans-n-Cream have partnered to bring Trivia Nights to residents and students of Cedarville.

Adult Services Librarian Erin leads a spirited group of more than 20 trivia wizards with themed questions and speed rounds. Participants work in groups, and can even earn prizes! Some folks have been coming every month for years, but new participants are always welcome. The Beans-n-Cream café is spacious, so there’s plenty of room for more. They even offer a discount on your order if you flash your library card on the night of the event.

In honor of our Trivia Nights, we are doing an in-house passive program where you can learn a little more about your librarians here in Cedarville. Stop in sometime in June and fill out one of the forms for a chance to win a small prize. All ages are welcome to participate. Will you be a trivia master?

Questions include:

  • Which staff member is the longest-serving librarian?
  • Which staff member knows how to play the violin?
  • Which of us is a Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics fan?
  • Which staff member has over 500 cookie cutters?
  • Which staff member leads Trivia Night at Beans-n-Cream?

Don’t know the answers? Ask us for help. We love to answer trivia questions!