We Host Some Interesting Displays

If you’re a regular patron in Cedarville, you know that we use every inch of our location really well. We always have different books and movies on display, and have a staff picks and upcoming programs carousel. But every now and again we get asked to host a collection or display and well, we simply can’t refuse!

You may have seen our photo display by local photographer Jennifer Gammie. If not, take a look at some beautifully artistic photos of the libraries in town (the Cedarville University Centennial Library, and the Cedarville Community Library’s past and present locations).

This summer, we are hosting a case display of arrowheads from the collection of Harold Strobridge and donated to the Cedarville Opera House Society. This case has 43 arrowheads discovered all over the United States.

We’ve also hosted historical photographs, and presentations by the Greene County Board of Health and other organizations. If you have something you’d like to display, stop in and see if we can make a temporary display work. Our community would love it.