Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

One special thing about coming into Winters-Bellbrook Community Library is there is always a fun activity to do. These activities, called passives, are a great way for all ages to engage in the library. In October, the staff had a lot of fun with pumpkins, both in our decorating and as part of a scavenger hunt.

Some, like this Harry Potter–themed pumpkin, were not only fun to look at, but featured parts of our collection. In this case, knitting and crochet books.

Smaller pumpkins such as those below were part of a scavenger hunt. Children of all ages could search throughout the library for the eight book-themed pumpkins and earn a small prize.

We even had a couple of pumpkin decorating programs in the library! The library is always cooking up some fun seasonal crafts and activities. We have one in November called All Day Thanksgiving Craft for kids, but keep an eye out for a bunch of holiday craft and music programs in December.

Our pumpkin art will be on display for a little while longer—come into the library and see more of our artwork!