New Year—New Book Club!

Winters-Bellbrook Community Library has a new book club making its debut this month, The Classics Book Club. This group will read, as you might guess, classic books, starting in January with Emma by Jane Austen. If you are like many of us and read classics only when required in school, you may find that reading them again or for the first time now, with a few years of life experience to frame them, you will enjoy them much more!

At Winters-Bellbrook Community Library, we are all about providing opportunities for book lovers to gather and discuss books. We offer a number of fun book groups.

Our long-running Winters Book Discussion Group has been meeting since 2001. They read a wide variety of good literature and enjoy getting together to discuss.

Our Cluein’ and Chewin’ group reads mysteries each month, and members bring a food item related to the story to share.

During the warm months, we partner with the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks District for the Walk and Talk Book Club. Members walk local trails and discuss a good book.

In addition, there are book clubs for kids and teens: Bookworms, grade 1; Bookmarkers, grade 2; Book Smarts, grades 3–5; and Teen Book Club. All meet monthly to talk about great books and help develop a love of reading in a fun environment.

You may want to add “read more books” or “read a greater variety of books” or “join a group to talk about books” to your list of resolutions this year!