Beautiful Creatures, Week 4

Welcome to the final discussion of Beautiful Creatures

How did you feel about the ending? Were you satisfied? Are you interested in reading any more of the series? I could definitely tell that this book was the start of a series because I was left with questions at the end. I'm still not quite sure why Ethan and Lena have such a strong connection, and I'm still thinking that Ethan had some sort of powers. I really expected there to be some clarification about his abilities at the end of the book, but I didn't find any. Were you surprised that we didn't find out how Ethan can do the things he does? 

The last couple of chapters were full of surprising things. First, the fact that Sarafine was hiding inside Mrs. Lincoln's body shocked me. I knew that Mrs. Lincoln was acting weird, but I didn't guess that she was hiding a Dark Caster under her skin. Secondly, I was surprised that Lena had the power to hide the moon and stop her claiming ceremony. I'm still not sure how that worked, and I don't think she left the ceremony completely unchanged, especially since Ethan noticed that one of her eyes was a little golden. Finally, I was so surprised that Lena was able to bring Ethan back from the dead, but by doing so, she killed Macon. I didn't see that coming. It makes sense that there was a consequence for her doing that kind of magic, but I didn't expect that the consequence would be that Macon would die. I don't think Ethan and Lena are going to be able to have a healthy relationship in the future if Lena never tells Ethan that she brought him back to life. That's a pretty big secret to keep. Do you think Macon is gone for good? What about Sarafine and Larkin and Ridley? Where did they go? 

Don't you feel like there's more to Ethan's mom's story? I wanted some closure on that as well, but I'm sure that will come up in later books. Ethan's dad was a really sad character throughout and was especially sad in the last section. I couldn't believe that he had all of that gibberish in his study. Did you fear that Ridley would make him jump off that building? I definitely did. I'm glad Link was able to get through to him. I think Link and Ridley's story isn't finished yet. Did you feel that way? 

What else stood out to you in this section? Which scene was your favorite? Did everything end like you thought it would? Do you have guesses about how the characters will act moving forward? 

If you'd like to check out more about one of the authors, Kami Garcia, check out this video in which she talks about some of her favorite things. And then, check out the video below to see some behind the scenes information about the movie version. Does seeing some of the action on screen make you understand some of the final scenes better? 

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Thanks so much for following along this month. I hope you'll join us again next month as we read The Call of the Wild. I can't wait to hear from you in the comments section!