Absolute Power, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Absolute Power.

How did you enjoy the reading this week? Were you as disappointed as I was when Luther was arrested? He knew that the meeting with Kate was a trap--why did he go? Does Luther have a plan anymore, or do you think he thinks it's all over for him? I really don't see how he can escape these murder charges. I think that Jack is probably a great lawyer, but the odds are too stacked against Luther. What do you think of Seth Frank now? Do you think he believes that Luther is the one to blame? It was interesting that they were able to find a connection to Luther through the carpet cleaning company. Could you believe they were able to find one of Luther's fingerprints on the side of the windshield wiper fluid reservoir?  It felt like Luther had thought of everything, but still, they were able to catch him with just an unlucky forgotten fingerprint. 

I am so frustrated that the Secret Service bugged Seth Frank's phone, and he has no idea. He's giving them so much valuable information through all of his phone calls! Are you surprised that Burton and Collin are still helping to cover up all of the crimes? I was shocked that Collin was going to shoot Luther when the police were heading to arrest him. Luther is lucky that the other sniper made a mistake or else he certainly would be dead. 

What do you think of Kate? Are you frustrated that she is so hard on her dad? I can't imagine what it would be like to have a career criminal as a father, but I was really surprised that she was willing to set her dad up. I think she immediately regretted doing it, but I just can't believe she was so unfeeling towards her father in the first place. When Luther was arrested, he understood that Burton would hurt Kate if Luther said anything about the president. So, where does that leave Luther? Does he have any options?

Are you surprised that Jack is willing to be Luther's lawyer? I don't think his girlfriend will be that excited about it once she hears about it. I'm not sure what Jack will be able to do for Luther. Everyone in the president's office is just so strong, and they have so many powerful tools at their disposal. I'm just not sure how justice can be served in this story. 

Do you have any hope for the end of the book? Do you have any idea what is going to happen in the next chapters? What was the most surprising part of this section for you? 

Have you wondered how David Baldacci knows so much about the intelligence agencies he writes about in his books? Check out this video to hear him talk about a really interesting experience he had with an unnamed intelligence agency!

Thanks for following along with me this week! Make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this section. I hope you're able to finish the book for next week! I can't wait to hear what you think about the ending!