Absolute Power, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Absolute Power.

Did you enjoy the beginning of the book this week? It's definitely a fast-paced thriller! So many exciting things happened in this first section. Some of the action was almost too much for me to take! I am a big wimp when it comes to violence and action. 

When Luther first broke into the house, I thought it was going to be a pretty straight-forward burglary. The two-way mirror definitely changed up the story a lot--I thought the mirror was a pretty ingenious way for the reader and Luther to be able to witness the whole attack. It really allowed to reader to see all parts of the scene. I had a really hard time reading the attack scene, for obvious reasons. It was sickening. What were you thinking while reading? Didn't you wish that Luther could have jumped out to rescue Christine? 

I think I can understand why the Secret Service shot Christine when they overheard the scuffle. I understand that they thought the president was in danger, so they needed to protect him using whatever means they thought necessary. But, the story really turns dark once they all decide to cover up the crime. I think, at the beginning, Gloria Russell was the real problem. She came up with the whole scheme, but everyone became complicit once they decided to go along with the plan to cover up the murder. Were you surprised when all of that started happening? I was surprised that the Secret Service agents agreed to cover up the crime, but again, I guess they felt like they had to protect the president at all costs. It was just a shocking situation. 

My heart practically leaped from my chest when Luther was trying to get out of the house. I thought for sure they were going to shoot him in the back as he ran away. I don't really know what his options are at this point. How is he going to be able to stay safe? I'm glad he has the knife, so that the crime can't stay hidden, but I can't imagine that Luther is going to be able to show it to anyone. I know Jack will come in to play with this case--why else would he be mentioned in the story? What do you think of Jack so far? He doesn't seem to be very happy or very strong. He's really following what his girlfriend wants and not what he wants. I hope he becomes a more exciting character as the story progresses.

What do you think of some of the other characters like Sandy Lord and Seth Frank? Sandy Lord seems like a pretty shady character. But, Seth Frank seems like a pretty competent detective. I think he'll be able to solve the crime.  I just can't imagine that Luther will be able to stay in hiding for much longer. I'm really worried about him. It's interesting that the most sympathetic character in this section is a known thief. I don't find myself typically rooting for a criminal character. 

Do you have any idea how things will progress in the next section? How is the most powerful person in the country going to be taken down? What is going to happen to Luther? 

Before you go, check out the video clip below in which author, David Baldacci talks about his writing process. 

Thanks for following along this week! I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this first section. Don't forget to read the next 10 chapters before checking back next week!