A Dog’s Purpose, Week 4

Welcome to the last Online Book Club discussion of A Dog's Purpose.

Be honest. Did you cry at the end? I think I felt a little more emotional every time Bailey was put down and turned into another dog than I was when I read the last few pages. 

It was so great that Ellie was able to rescue that person, but I was incredibly sad that she lost her sense of smell in the process. Did you expect that once you read about the chemical smell and her burning nose? I was glad that she was still able to work by going to different schools and meeting different people. Weren't you glad that she still had a purpose, even though her nose didn't work correctly? 

Ellie's rescue of Geoffrey was so intense! I was glad that she was able to have that experience. Didn't your heart practically leap out of your chest when you were reading about how she was desperately trying to keep his head above water? It was such a dramatic rescue. I was a little afraid that Ellie was going to die on the spot from over exertion, so I was glad that she recovered. 

I really liked Maya and her story. I enjoyed the fact that she fell in love and had a family. Did you enjoy reading Maya's section or Ethan's first section more? I definitely think that Ellie had a much more clear purpose than Bailey did. 

Again, it was pretty awful reading about when Bailey transitioned into a new life. It made me so sad to read about how sad Maya and Al were. It wasn't much more comforting reading once Bailey moved to living with Wendi and Victor. I didn't like that part at all. I was so glad that Ethan entered back into the story, even though it was a little unbelievable that the dog just happened to be dropped off near Ethan. I guess the whole book has some unbelievable elements, right? That's the fun of the story. 

What did you think once Ethan and Bailey reunited? I thought it was nice that Ethan named the dog Buddy. And I was glad that Ethan reunited with Hannah through the dog. Did you have a favorite scene? Did you enjoy the ending? 

If you have any other thoughts feel free to share them in the comments section. I am really interested to know what you thought of the end and how it tied in with the rest of the book. If you enjoyed reading this book, check out this list I created that has similar titles. Please let me know if you check out something and enjoy it. 

I'll leave you with this behind-the-scenes video about the making of the movie version. 


Next month, we're reading Jurassic Park. I hope you'll join us then.