Meeting Rooms

Locations with Meeting Rooms

Reserving a Meeting Room

  • Use of the meeting room is free.
  • The person reserving a meeting room must be at least 18 years of age. A reservation for a group of people under age 18 must be made by a supervising adult.
  • Reservations for meeting room use are made in person or by phone at the library where the meetings will be held.
  • Rooms must be reserved in advance of use.
  • A group may have no more than two meetings scheduled at any library facility at a time.
  • Groups may occasionally wish to reserve facilities for programs in a series. This may be possible with the approval of the head librarian.
  • Tables and chairs are available for the group to set up.
  • Each location has audio-visual equipment which must be requested at the time of scheduling. Groups must supply their own equipment operator.

Meeting Room Rules

Community groups whose purposes are non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational are encouraged to use the library meeting rooms for group meetings when the rooms are not being used for their primary purpose: library-related activities.

Meeting rooms may not be used for social activities, private parties, commercial purposes/endeavors, gatherings that advertise a product or service, or political campaign meetings.

Use of the meeting room may not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group’s activities.


Location Room Name Occupancy
Beavercreek Large Meeting Room 29 with tables & chairs, 49 standing
Beavercreek Small Meeting Room 9 with tables & chairs
Cedarville Meeting Room 36 with chairs
Fairborn Meeting Room 75 standing
Xenia 1st Floor Meeting Room 297 standing, 130 with chairs, 59 with tables & chairs
Xenia 2nd Floor Meeting Room 49 with chairs, 26 with tables & chairs
Yellow Springs Meeting Room 49 with chairs
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The rules listed above only represent a subset of the complete meeting room policy found in the Public Policy Manual (PDF).
Download the Library Meeting Rooms Agreement