FAQ's in: My Account

To cancel a hold for an item you’ve requested:

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Click the “# requests (holds).” link.
  3. Click in the box in the cancel column to the left of the item you want to cancel.
  4. Click the “Update Lists” button.

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To ensure that email from the Greene County Public Library reaches your email inbox
(and not your junk mail or spam folder):

  • add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your address book
  • or, add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your accepted senders list

Additional details for popular email providers and email clients:

Add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Address Book.
Or, add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your custom sender list.

Add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Contacts.

Add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Contacts List.
Or, add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Safe List.

Outlook 2003
Add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Address Book.
Or, add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your safe senders list.

Add library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your Address Book.
Or, create a filter that sends email from GCPL straight to your Inbox.

If your email provider or email client is not listed, adding library@library.gcpl.lib.oh.us to your address book will most often ensure you receive our email notices.

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Forget your PIN? Well, it happens.

We can assign you a new PIN or you can create a new PIN online.

How to Create a New PIN Online

  1. Visit the My Account page.
    • Be sure to have your library card handy for your library card number.
  2. Click the Forgot your PIN? link
  3. Enter your last name and library card number in the form and click submit.
  4. Close the pop-up window and then check your email for a request to reset your PIN
  5. Click the link in the email
  6. Complete the form to reset your PIN

If your account does not have a valid email address, you may need to give us a call, send us an email, or stop at the check-out desk to get a new PIN.

If you haven’t created a PIN yet, you can assign yourself one the first time you log into My Account. Just type in the PIN you want at the login screen. The computer will recognize that you didn’t have a PIN yet and will let you assign yourself a PIN. This only works the first time you get a PIN.

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Yes, you can “freeze” a hold.

Use the freeze hold function when you are not ready to pick up an item. A frozen hold will continue to move up the list for that title but it will not be delivered until you unfreeze it. You cannot freeze a hold if copies of the title are available or if your hold is in transit or ready to pickup.

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Click the “# requests (holds).” link.
  3. Click in the box in the freeze column to the right of the item you want to place a freeze on.*
  4. Click the “Update Lists” button.

* If there is not a box to check, you cannot freeze that hold.

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If you are prompted to “Please make sure your browser allows per-session cookies” you must have cookies enabled to access My Account.

This requirement ensures your information is kept secure through the duration of your My Account session.

To learn how to enable cookies for your web browser, try this Google search – how to enable cookies.

Lastly, be sure that cookies are not being blocked by a third-party application you might have installed on your computer.

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If you’re repeatedly asked to log into My Account (or receive repeated messages that your validation has expired), this is generally a symptom of either not having cookies enabled in your web browser or a third-party application is blocking cookies on your computer.


In order to log into My Account, you must have your library card number and PIN.

Once you have authenticated with My Account, a cookie is set on your computer to indicate that you have successfully logged in. This cookie allows the library’s catalog to maintain your My Account session.

Thus, cookies are required to use My Account and must be enabled.

Learn how to enable cookies. You might also try to clear your cookies to fix this problem.

What’s a Cookie?

A cookie is a piece of text that a web server can store on a user’s hard drive. Cookies allow a website to store information on a user’s machine and later retrieve it. The pieces of information are stored as name-value pairs. Cookies are required for the library’s catalog to recognize that you have logged into My Account and helps to maintain your session.



There may be a problem with email delivery (i.e. invalid/inactive email address, mailbox quota, message filtering, etc.).

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Is your email inbox full? Some servers will not accept email messages if a mailbox is full and out of storage space.
  • Ensure that the email address you use is an address that will accept our notices.


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Yes, you may pay fines and fees of at least $2.00 online through the My Account feature of the library catalog.

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. If you have fines and fees of at least $2.00, locate the “Pay Online” button for online payment
  3. Visa & MasterCard accepted.

We contract with a third party to manage this service and neither have access to, nor are responsible for, your credit card information if you choose to use this service.

Fines and fees can also be paid at any of our library locations.

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You have the option to save a list of all the items you have checked out in the past. To activate the reading history feature, you must “opt in.” A list of all of the items that you check out after that point will be saved within My Account. (Items that are checked out through SearchOhio or OhioLINK will not appear in this list.)

To opt in to your reading history:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click on My Reading History
  3. Click on Opt In to save your reading history

To remove one or more items from your reading history:

  1. Click in the box for each item in the Mark column.
  2. Click Delete Marked.
  3. Or click Delete All to delete your entire reading history.
    (If you click Delete All or Opt Out, you will lose all of your reading history and will have no way to access that information again.)

To receive your reading history list in an email:

  1. Click Export Reading History
  2. Enter a valid email address
  3. Click Submit

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Library cardholders may renew their own materials online. All materials may be renewed except for materials with holds, materials on which you owe fines, and titles from OverDrive Digital Downloads.

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. You will see a link marked “Items currently checked out” with the number of items you have checked out. Click the link to view the materials you have checked out.
  3. Select the materials you want to renew by checking the boxes in the RENEW column and then click the Renew Selected button. If you want to renew everything, click the Renew ALL button.

If you cannot renew items, a message will appear on the screen. If you are successful, a new due date will appear in the “STATUS” column. Always check the STATUS column for information on the success or failure of your renewal.

You can also renew materials via the telephone.

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The library offers 24-hour telephone access to your account when you have a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You can use your library card number and PIN to renew your materials, check your requests, and check on overdue materials 24 hours a day by calling

(937) 374-1396

You can also access your account online via My Account.

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To add or update your email address used for pick-up and overdue notices, please following these steps:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. After logging in to your account, click the Update Email Address button
  3. Enter your email address in the form

Email address changes will be visible the next time you log in to My Account.

Need to update other parts of your account?
A librarian from your local library can assist you with updates to your library account including updates to your mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

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