May 2021

This Month's Organization:

There is nothing more thoughtful and personal than a handwritten note inside a beautiful handmade card. Every Care Package we send not only includes letters from grateful Americans, but also blank cards for the service members’ own personal use. We invite you to put your paper crafting skills to work making blank cards that our Deployed Troops can then use to write home to their loved ones.


What should my card look like?

They should be blank inside with a beautiful design on the front of the card. We encourage you to use your talents in embossing, cut-outs, stamps, scenic pictures you have taken, or even your own artwork. Including a message on the front that the service member can use to convey his or her feelings to loved ones is a great idea. Some ideas include “Thinking of You”, “Missing You”, “I Love You”, or a simple “Hello”. Or have some fun and find some humorous stamps and sayings to put on your cards.

Each card should measure between 4.25″ x 5.5″ to 5”x7” and include an envelope so the card can be mailed home. Please do not put your card in the envelope, but instead, place the card under the flap. This makes it easier for our letter screening team to determine if the card is a letter to a Service Member/First Responder or a blank card our troops can send home.

If you use any 3D embellishments such as ribbons, lace, bows, or 3D stickers, then please ensure those decorations are securely attached to the card. We want your card to be as beautiful as the day you made it when we send it to our troops, and when they mail it to their loved ones.

You are welcome to put your cards in a clear stationery card sleeve for extra protection, but it is not required.

What should I avoid using?

Please avoid using pearls or rhinestones as they almost always break off, and do not use any type of glitter. No matter how careful you are with your glue, glitter tends to rub off the cards covering the rest of the items in our Care Packages.

Please avoid religious icons and bible quotes on your cards.

Should I make holiday and event cards?

While we will accept cards that are holiday specific and/or event related, ie: Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc, we would appreciate you creating cards that our troops are able to mail at any time of the year.

Supplies You'll Need:

Cardmaking supplies

Deadline and Drop-off Instructions:

May 29, 2021, during regular hours at any Greene County Public Library location. To ensure that your item remains clean during transit, please enclose it in a plastic zipper bag.

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